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PRODUCT: Stevia suger brife introduction

Stevia sugar is a natural, green sweetener which is extracted from the leaves of stevia (composite plant) and is recognized as “Green Food” by China Green Food Development Center.

Stevia sugar has been used as food additives for more than 400 years in Paraguay and it has been approved to be safe. It has properties of vivo metabolism, no storage, no harm and its safety has got the recognition of FAO and WHO. It is recognized as a sweetener which is not specially limited in quantity by Japanese Food Additivities and it is separately approved to be natural sweetener and medicine accessories by Ministry of Public Health of China in 1985 and 1990.

High sweet
The sweetness of it is 200-400 times of cane sugar and the main components of it are stevioside and rebaudioside-A. It tastes pure, cool, lasting etc. It has the most similar taste as cane sugar and can lower more than 60% of cost than it. At the same time, it can also save the cost for transportation and warehouse.

Low calorie
The calorie of stevia sugar is only 1/300 of cane sugar and it can be used for manufacturing many kinds of food and beverages which are especially for patients with hypertension, diabetes mellitus, obesity, heart disease and tooth decay etc.

Health caring
Stevia sugar is widely recognized as a good nutritional supplement and health care food by international medical community. 400 years ago, it was used as herbal medicine which cured colds, flu, fistula disease etc. in the country of origin. Medical research in modern times shows that it is useful for regulating blood sugar and blood pressure, improving energy, losing weight and skin caring etc.


Stevia sugar is stable under the conditions of acid, alkali, heat and light and it has the properties of unfermentable, long shelf life, no browning after heat treatment etc. It can inhibit the bacteria and extend the shelf life as a sweetener in food and beverage.

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