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PRODUCT: Stevia Sugar


Stevia sugar is a new natural sweetener extracted from the leaves of stevia which belongs to Composite plants. It has unique properties of high sweetness and low calorie. The sweetness of it is 200-400 times of cane sugar, but only 1/300 calorie of it. A large quantity of medical experiments show that stevia sugar is not harmful,not carcinogenic, and safe as food etc. It can prevent people from hypertension, diabetes mellitus, obesity, heart diseases, tooth decay etc. and is an ideal cane sugar substitute. It can be widely used in food, beverages, medicine, daily- used chemical, brew and cosmetics etc. and can save 70% of cost than cane sugar. It is white or light yellow powder with properties of natural, good taste and no odor. It is a new source of sweetener with good potentials. It is approved by Ministry of Public Health and Ministry of Light Industry of China and the FDA of USA as a sweetener which has low calorie and similar taste as cane sugar. It is the third natural substitute of sugar with potentials of development and health after cane sugar and beet sugar. It is known as “the third source of sugar in the world”.

Stevia sugar is composed of 5 components: Stevioside, Rebaudioside–A, Rebaudioside–C, dulcoside A and Steviolbioside. The main sweetening components are Stevioside and Rebaudioside-A. Aoxing Stevia has been concentrated on the study of more advanced technology and newer products. According to the different needs of sweetener in different fields, we have 3 series of products including 12 specifications. Also we can customize special specifications according to the need of different customers. 


Stevia sugar is a natural, green sweetener which is extracted from the leaves of stevia (composite plant) and is recognized as “Green Food” by China Green Food Development Center.

Stevia sugar has been used as food additives for more than 400 years in Paraguay and it has been approved to be safe. It has properties of vivo metabolism, no storage, no harm and its safety has got the recognition of FAO and WHO. It is recognized as a sweetener which is not specially limited in quantity by Japanese Food Additivities and it is separately approved to be natural sweetener and medicine accessories by Ministry of Public Health of China in 1985 and 1990.

High sweet
The sweetness of it is 200-400 times of cane sugar and the main components of it are stevioside and rebaudioside-A. It tastes pure, cool, lasting etc. It has the most similar taste as cane sugar and can lower more than 60% of cost than it. At the same time, it can also save the cost for transportation and warehouse.

Low calorie
The calorie of stevia sugar is only 1/300 of cane sugar and it can be used for manufacturing many kinds of food and beverages which are especially for patients with hypertension, diabetes mellitus, obesity, heart disease and tooth decay etc.

Health caring
Stevia sugar is widely recognized as a good nutritional supplement and health care food by international medical community. 400 years ago, it was used as herbal medicine which cured colds, flu, fistula disease etc. in the country of origin. Medical research in modern times shows that it is useful for regulating blood sugar and blood pressure, improving energy, losing weight and skin caring etc.


Stevia sugar is stable under the conditions of acid, alkali, heat and light and it has the properties of unfermentable, long shelf life, no browning after heat treatment etc. It can inhibit the bacteria and extend the shelf life as a sweetener in food and beverage  



The proportion of stevia sugar to cane sugar
Additive Amount
Beverages Sodas 20-100% 0.06-0.75g/ kg Balanced taste, clear, low calorie, no decayed tooth
Fruit Beverages 30-50% 0.078-0.278g/ kg Improve the taste, no floc, no sediment, clear, long shelf life, low calorie
Milk Beverages 20-50% 0.006-0.70g/ kg Good taste, low calorie
Solid Beverages 20-100% 1.7-20.0g/ kg Fresh taste, no decayed tooth, convenient measurement
Cold Drinks Ice Cream, Ice 60-100% 0.4-1g/ kg Low calorie, improve the taste, fresh taste, the sweetness will be increased under low temperature
Candy Gum 50-100% 0.4-1g/ kg Fresh and cool taste, no decayed tooth, lasting sweetness
Common candy 50-100% According to the demand  
Sugarless Candy 50-100% According to the demand No decayed tooth, good taste
Bread and cakes 80-100% 0.2-1g/ kg Loose and soft, moist, no decayed tooth, good taste, long shelf life
Confection 80-100% 2-12g/ kg Long shelf life, improve the taste, lower the cost
Canned food 20-50% According to the demand Clear sweet water, cool and pure taste, lower the sweet thickness,long shelf life
Condiment, curing food 20-30% 0.1-0.6g/ kg No browning, no fermentation, shorten the preserving time,increasing the sweetness, keep shape,no shrink, improve the taste, long shelf life
Fried snack 50-100% 1-3g/kg Increasing sweetness,convenient, improving the taste
Aquatic products   According to the demand Stopping browning and getting mildew, no scorching and loose
Wine Spirit,Grape Wine,Champagne,Fruit Liqueur 10-100% 0.01-0.15g/kg Improve the taste,get rid of hot taste,improve clarity,lower the viscosity,fresh taste
Beer 10-40% According to the demand Improve the taste, increasing foam and make them rich, white and lasting
Mouth cleaning Toothpaste 1-5g/kg or according to the meed No decayed tooth, fresh taste, cover the bad taste of other components
Tobacco According to the demand Keep reasonable moisture, increasing flavor and sweetness
Medicine According to the demand Improve the taste of medicine
Table-top Sweetner According to the demand Natural, low calorie, high sweetness,convenient,  
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