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The basis for lucrative processing of natural stone.


Natural stone improves any environment. However, many natural stone types look wonderful but cannot be processed except at great  expense and with heavy waste because of their natural cracks, flaws and weaknesses.
To minimise wastage and expense and to ensure good processing, DENZEL has developed the "resin stone adhesive".


The DNS resin loop

without DNS adhesive system

with DNS adhesive system

  • achieves an absolutely firm bond for all stone types
    and in cases of hairline cracks
  • H-605 does not yellowing, H-410 just slightly yellowing.
  • reduces the reject rate usual when working with natural stone
  • reduces the proportion of waste
  • makes complaints unnecessary
  • covers irregularities and weaknesses
  • creates a uniform and even surface
  • permits standard, time-saving stone processing
  • permits conventional slab transport methods
  • reduces machinery costs.
  • N.B for light and very porous stone types
    a dark stripe can occur at the point of adhesion. 
    Previous test necessary !

Best Stone-Sticking only can be effected in dry cracks !  - even in India or Brasile.

The DNS-Stone-Resin-Machine dries stone-slabs or monuments in just a few minutes, and allowes the best sticking with proofed DNS-Denzel-Resins.

Denzel Transparent H-410 can be used in resin-lines too.


This is how the DENZEL ADHESIVE SYSTEM works:
  • Hone the required slabs upto 120, allow the natural stone to dry for about 1 day or in a drying-oven.
  • Close big cracks from the rearside with H 605.
  • Apply DENZEL adhesive mixture.
  • Allow the coated natural slabs to cure for about 3 hours or 2 days (depending to the used resin) without moving them.
  • Sand (120 ceramic) and polish the natural stone slabs.


Different resins available :

H-945 for Marble and Limestone.

H-405 Dark for Granite with white Microfissures.
          minimum 2 days hardening - best penetration.

H-410 Transparent for granite big cracks and pores,
          3 hours hardening in resin-line.

H-605 Invisible for white stones.
          1 hour hardening.
          No discoloration - no yellowing.

H-506 Dark for white microfissures in dark granite
         as a reparation set.

H-606 Invisible for white stones.
         as a reparation set

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